Weekend Update – T.R.E.A.T.Y. School

April 2, 2010 by Russell Means Freedom  
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In this edition of Weekend Update, Russell Means speaks of the T.R.E.A.T.Y. School, and the concepts of genuine education that enrich and teach individuals and communities. He speaks as well of the disfigurement of natural law by Patriarchy and holding respect for that which cannot be understood.

Matriarchy Update

October 8, 2009 by admin1  
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Russell Means speaks of the bad news, the injustices, the indignities, the inhumanities and the good news that can help free humanity from the current destructions.

Weekend Update #29: Where are the Women?

October 2, 2009 by admin1  
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In this edition of Weekend Update, Russell Means gives voice to the
destructive conditions that women willingly undergo in society. From
those who inhibit their fertility, to those arguing for equal rights,
Russell Means speaks to the underying troubles facing women today, and
what can be done to bring the situation back into balance.

Weekend Update #29: Where are the Women? from Russell Means on Vimeo.

Moon Landing by W.H. Auden

July 21, 2009 by admin1  
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Moon Landing
~W.H. Auden

It’s natural the Boys should whoop it up for
so huge a phallic triumph, an adventure
it would not have occurred to women
to think worth while, made possible only

because we like huddling in gangs and knowing
the exact time: yes, our sex may in fairness
hurrah the deed, although the motives
that primed it were somewhat less than menschlich.

A grand gesture. But what does it period?
What does it osse? We were always adroiter
with objects than lives, and more facile
at courage than kindness: from the moment

the first flint was flaked this landing was merely
a matter of time. But our selves, like Adam’s,
still don’t fit us exactly, modern
only in this—our lack of decorum.

Homer’s heroes were certainly no braver
than our Trio, but more fortunate: Hector
was excused the insult of having
his valor covered by television.

Worth going to see? I can well believe it.
Worth seeing? Mneh! I once rode through a desert
and was not charmed: give me a watered
lively garden, remote from blatherers

about the New, the von Brauns and their ilk, where
on August mornings I can count the morning
glories where to die has a meaning,
and no engine can shift my perspective.

Unsmudged, thank God, my Moon still queens the Heavens
as She ebbs and fulls, a Presence to glop at,
Her Old Man, made of grit not protein,
still visits my Austrian several

with His old detachment, and the old warnings
still have power to scare me: Hubris comes to
an ugly finish, Irreverence
is a greater oaf than Superstition.

Our apparatniks will continue making
the usual squalid mess called History:
all we can pray for is that artists,
chefs and saints may still appear to blithe it.


Russell Means and Tazz & Paula: Matriarchy

June 26, 2009 by Russell Means Freedom  
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The Tazz & Paula Show

In advance of the Conspiracy Conference in Santa Clara, California, Russell Means talks with Tazz & Paula about the Feminity Olympics, the Holy Roman Catholic Church’s work against women, as well as the colonized blindness that fogs the sight of those brutalized by empire. He speaks as well of the frightening realities experienced by indigenous peoples today and what changes are to come with the climate in this hour long interview.

Click triangle below to play program

The Beauty, Power & Brilliance of Matriarchy

February 25, 2009 by Russell Means Freedom  
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The Beauty, Power & Brilliance of Matriarchy – A call for a paradigm shift!

As we all sit awestruck in front of the T.V., the computer or the newspaper, Russell offers us a solution to the current Global calamity. In this beautiful forty-five minute FREE video, Russell explains both how the World got into this mess and how we can move towards sanity and wholeness. We must, he says, return to Matriarchy, a balance, respectful way of life where we celebrate our differences, rather than stifle, or even, destroy them. CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO