Initiatives to Address Ongoing State of Disaster
on the Pine Ridge Sioux Indian Reservation

Address Immediate Housing Needs:

  • Fuel for the winter
  • Getting rid of the black mold infestations
  • Green, sustainable housing
  • Alleviation of the average housing occupancy of 17 per home

Health Priorities in Need of International Support:

(Lakotah men have a life expectancy of less than 44 years, lowest of any country in the World (excluding AIDS) including Haiti.)

  • Quantifying the extent of toxigenic mold infestations and it’s health impact on the people
  • Treatment and reversal the diabetes epidemic through food relief, education and sustainable agricultural development.
  • Identify and remediate the toxins in the water supply. We know these already include arsenic and radioactivity as the result of uranium mining
  • Address the Lakotah infant mortality rate which is 300% more than the U.S. Average

Job Development:

  • Day Labor in each District
  • Developing solid business investment & economic infrastructure
  • Establish Artists’ Guild with Catalog and Website

Renewable Energy Investment & Food Production

  • Wind and solar power
  • Geothermal fish farming for local food
  • Geothermal green houses for local food
  • Organic agriculture
  • Development of indigenous food crops such as, echinacea, jerusalem artichokes, choke cherries, buffalo berries and other medicinal foods
  • Development of free range buffalo herd


  • Continue Political Development of Lakotah on State, Federal and International Levels

Rejuvenation of Our Youth Population:

(Teenage suicide rate is 150% higher than the U.S national average for this group.)

  • Find out what the youth want and attempt to initiate; district by district


(Only 14% of the Lakotah population can speak the Lakotah language.
The language is not being shared inter-generationally. Today, the average age of a fluent Lakotah speaker is 65 years.