The First Americans

November 28, 2009 by Russell Means Freedom  
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When Native Americans shared a harvest feast with English colonists in 1621, the event was known as the first Thanksgiving. Part I But to some, the US holiday marks the day when Native Americans began to have their lands – and ways of life – stripped from them. Over the next 200 years, as the [...]

Cooking the History Books: The Thanksgiving Massacre

November 22, 2009 by admin1  
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Is All That Turkey and Stuffing a Celebration of Genocide? By Laura Elliff, Vice President, Native American Student Association Thanksgiving is a holiday where families gather to share stories, football games are watched on television and a big feast is served. It is also the time of the month when people talk about Native Americans. [...]

Russell Means takes to the Stage in Los Angeles

November 17, 2009 by admin1  
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He was a controversial figure of the ’60′s and ’70′s counterculture movement. He participated in an armed standoff of American Indians against the U.S. government in 1973 at Wounded Knee. Later, in 1987, he ran for president (as a Libertarian). Now activist-turned-actor Russell Means is entering yet another phase of his career — he’s taking [...]